OMNI TV Independent Producers Initiative
Canadian Soldier Sikhs was made possible with 100% funding from the OMNI Television Independent Producers Initiative

Sikh Film Foundation, Toronto
Provided start-up funds for the preliminary research to determine the potential and feasibility of this film.

The Temple or Gurdwara is a major source of support for the Sikh community. We will continue to work with various Gurdwaras across Canada in our search for the descendants of the Canadian Sikh soldiers of the First World War.

Sikh Community Support
Members of the Victoria and Toronto Sikh communities have expressed great interest and support for this project and have promised help and cooperation in the research still required. Sikh communities in Ontario, British Columbia and California have all welcomed the idea of this project.

Ponoka Composite High School, Alberta
Mr. Ron Labrie and his students enthusiastically welcomed us to their historical “Lest We Forget” tour to Belgium and France. In this program, originally initiated by Mr. Blake Seward, a history teacher at the Smith Falls District Collegiate Institute in Ontario, students research individual soldiers of WW1 and each year school classes visit battlefields and Canadian war graves in Europe to honour the soldiers they have researched.

We would like to acknowledge the following friends and colleagues who have actively encouraged and supported our efforts in producing this film: T. Sher Singh, Pardeep Singh Nagra, Sandeep Singh Brar, and Gurmit Singh.

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