The Soldiers

At least ten Sikhs, men who had immigrated to Canada from India, most with the surname “Singh,” enlisted in the Canadian Army during the First World War. Of the ten, eight served in England and France. Three of these men were wounded, two were killed in action, and one died of his injuries and tuberculosis after his return to Canada. One man who enlisted never left Canada. The military records of these men provide the thread for a unique story of service, discipline and cultural clash set against the tragic background of the “Great War.”

We are currently searching for more information on these Canadian soldiers and hope to discover contacts with their families and descendents in both Canada and India.

To help in this search, we are listing some basic information on each of the ten soldiers in hopes that visitors to this site can contribute to the project by helping us trace these men.

  1. John Baboo
  2. Sunta Gougersingh
  3. Buckam Singh
  4. Hari Singh
  5. Harnom Singh
  6. John Singh
  7. Lashman Singh
  8. Ram Singh
  9. Sewa Singh
  10. Waryam Singh
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