Canadian Soldier Sikhs:
A little Story in a Big War

will premier on OMNI TV on Remembrance Day 2012
Airing On November 11, 2012
Ontario: OMNI 2 at 6 pm
Alberta: OMNI AB at 9 pm
British Columbia: OMNI BC at 8 pm

Canadian Soldier Sikhs: A Little Story in a Big War

History records that thousands of Sikh soldiers from India fought in France during World War 1 and participated in many of the War’s major battles. But who knows that a handful of Sikhs also fought in WWI as part of the Canadian Army? At a time when Sikhs were actively prevented from immigrating to Canada and were denied Canadian citizenship, these men joined with other Canadians to fight in Europe. Of the ten Canadian soldier Sikhs so far identified, eight served in Canada, England, and France. Three were wounded in action and three died as a result of their wartime service.

Canadian Soldier Sikhs tells the fascinating and unknown story of this handful of Sikh immigrants to Canada who enlisted in the Canadian Army in World War I. They were volunteers who fought, and some died, for a country which denied them even the basic rights of citizenship.

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